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How it works - video

Worried about your toddler leaving your supervision?

Watchdog Latch $16.95 - Protecting your child "PRICELESS!"

Let us help you keep your child safe...

A must for child proofing your home. The child safety door lock provides a peace of mind to any home with a baby / young child. The Watchdog latch helps keep children out of dangerous areas like the garage, backyard, pool area and off the busy streets outside the front door. No need to remember more things then you have to, the latch works automatically after every use for easy entry/exit by the adults. Put the Watchdog latch to work for you protecting your loved ones from dangers on the other side of doors. (click picture for short video)

Add a self-closing hinge spring for a greater degree of safety
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Click picture above for quick demonstration - or longer video below (3 minutes)
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CHILDREN'S BEHAVIOR - child safety in the home is no accident

A child has never done anything before until they do it the first time!
Be proactive when it comes to a child's safety.



Watchdog Latch is a new, patent pending, self-latching device which grabs the edge of most any type of hinged door. The device is mounted out of reach making it difficult for your child to operate at the same time being easy for an adult to release while entering or exiting a room. The spring-steel shaft is very strong and has a natural curve which matches the doors swing for proper contact. The door frame mount makes it simple to temporarily disengage the device and replace later with a single screw. The cover plate can also be left on the frame so there is no need to fill the hole after your child has grown. (install photos)


Doors lead to danger...

Your toddler is smarter, faster, and even more curious than she was as a baby. Do you know how to keep her safe?

When Amy Murphy stepped into the bathroom for a quick shower, her 2 year-old daughter, Kharis, was happily watching her favorite video. When she walked back into the living room ten minutes later, Kharis was gone - and the front door was open, despite the fact that it had been secured with a dead bolt.

Luckily, Kharis had only wandered a few feet from the house before her mother found her. "Just thinking about what could have happened makes me feel sick. What if she had wandered into the street?" asks Murphy, who lives in Dallas.

I can relate to Murphy's panic. I experienced an even more terrifying incident when my daughter. Taylor, was 2. While were visiting relatives, she opened a sliding glass door (a skill I don't know she possessed), walked outside, and fell into a hot tub. It was sheer luck that she didn't drown -- my sister-in-law, only moments later, decided to go for a dip and was able to rescue her.

Copyright © 1999 Holly Robinson. Excerpt reprinted with permission from the June 1999 issue of Parents Magazine.

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